More Text Add-On for Auto Featured Image from Title

More Text Add-On

An example of an image generated using the PRO version with the More Text Add-On

The More Text Add-On is a plugin that provides additional text options for your Auto Featured Image from Title PRO plugin. This add-on adds the option to have up to 2 additional layers of text. Just like the main plugin, you can select text such as the post title, excerpt, content, date published, or a custom field. You can then position this layer just as you can the first text layer, whether centered, or at the top, bottom, right, or left.

You have full control over the font, color, and shadow of each of these text layers, just like the first text layer. So you can, for example, make the main text or title bold and stand out, with the supplemental text, such as the post date, small and in a different font altogether, as in the image at the top of this post.

The More Text Add-On allows you to customize the automatically generated featured image even more, giving you a truly unique and professional image for each post that you publish.

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