Auto Featured Image from Flickr

Auto Featured Image from Flickr

I’ve had a few people say that they would like a plugin that searched for a random Flickr photo for each post that they wrote and attached it as the featured image to their post. I thought about creating a new plugin that would do exactly that, and only that, but I decided not to.

Instead, I wrote it into the plugin I already made: Auto Featured Image from Title.

I think this will be a well-received feature. It definitely won’t be for everyone, as it is very random, and therefore the results can be quite unexpected.

But that’s how Flickr often works anyway. When you search for “apple,” for example, you’ll find some pictures of apples, pictures of computers, and pictures of some random old guy that has nothing to do with apples. Because it’s all user-submitted content, and searching Flickr searches the text that each user enters to describe their photos.

That being said, it is fun to anticipate what random photo my┬áplugin will choose to represent a particular post that I write. There’s a mystery about it; you never know what it will be until you visit the page to see it. And isn’t that part of the fun of the internet?