Every church website needs...

4 Things Every Church Website Needs

Certain pieces of information are so important that every church website needs to include them. Simply having a website is not enough. The website needs to serve a purpose. If your church website has nothing else, make sure that it includes the following items:

  1. The gospel. The church is more than a group of people who get together for food and fellowship. We remain in the world with a purpose: the Great Commission. It doesn’t need to be elaborate; a simple statement of faith is often sufficient.
  2. Location. People will not know where to find you unless you tell them where you meet. A simple address is sufficient, but a slick Google map is a huge plus.
  3. Service times. People will not know when to find you unless you tell them when you meet.
  4. Contact information. Website visitors ought to be able to get in touch with you if they have a question or a need. At the bare minimum, a phone number and email address should be offered.

And that’s it. Certainly other website features would be nice to have, but these are the only truly necessary pieces of information.

Notice that these things can generally be put online once and left forever. These things rarely change, so updates are rarely needed. But if one of them were to change, be sure to update the information right away! Incorrect information online is even worse than no information online, and that’s saying a lot, because every church should really be online nowadays.