Auto Featured Image from Title Changelog

3.6 (released 6/13/23)

  • Fixed bug that sometimes displayed broken images in posts
  • Fixed bug that produced errors when not using the templates add-on
  • Fixed bug that sometimes created Auto Draft images
  • Fixed bug that caused an error when deleting a post
  • Updated color inputs to both allow text input and include alpha
  • Fixed bulk generation not working

3.4 (released 6/15/20)

  • Added text highlight
  • Added alpha channel to text, shadow, and highlight colors
  • Bug fixes

3.2 (released 4/30/19)

  • Added setting to add image into post
  • Added setting to decide whether to set generated image as featured image
  • Added setting to remove ellipsis if text doesn’t fit
  • Fixed a bug that stripped line breaks
  • Fixed bug that kept Flickr from working
  • Made Unsplash work again (although it may still not work for high-volume of image generation)
  • Fixed bug that wouldn’t show images in the Admin area
  • Added setting to hide images in the Admin area
  • Added ability to upload multiple background images at once via the Manage Images tab

3.1 (released 4/1/19)

  • Updated to work with new add-ons

3.0 (released 3/11/19)

  • Fixed bug that did not match Image Category with WordPress Category when certain special characters were present
  • Pixabay integration
  • Fixed a couple bugs on the settings page

2.9 (released 12/27/17)

  • Added option to use photos from
  • Fixed bulk process utility in regards to disabled/enabled feature
  • Resize to fit text now uses image width/height as maximum parameters
  • Added ‘future_to_publish’ hook to allow for generating images upon a scheduled post becoming published
  • Fixed bug which caused some images to fail to be generated due to long file names
  • Fixed bug that caused some posts to generate images even when a featured image already existed

2.8 (released 08/15/16)

  • Replaced certain fonts and images (see this post). If you would like to install the previous resources instead or in addition to these, you may find them here:
  • Added option to resize the featured image’s dimensions to fit the text, not the other way around
  • Added option to save as PNG for maximum quality
  • Added option to specify maximum length of text to write to the image, no matter where the text is coming from
  • Added option to override ‘disable for this post’ via the bulk utility
  • Added option to retain or remove line breaks

2.7 (released 05/06/16)

  • Split top/bottom text padding and left/right text padding so that you can set all four values separately
  • Changed how default disable option works, will now work for all new posts if set
  • Added option to generate an image for “All Categories” (helpful if you sometimes add new categories but may forget to select them in the plugin’s settings)
  • Expanded debug tab to help with most common installation problems
  • Bug fixes pertaining to hidden blank.jpg in Miscellaneous category (file no longer needed)
  • Bug fix pertaining to hyphens and dots being removed when added as additional characters

2.6 (released 04/25/16)

  • Added option to bulk process pages
  • Added debug tab to settings
  • Fixed bug pertaining to multiple categories selected
  • Fixed bug pertaining to only one post type selected

2.5 (released 03/27/16)

  • Added new ways to crop or resize background images
  • Assured that disable checkboxes appear and work on edit screen for pages as well
  • Fixed bug that used a blank background when a random background image was requested

2.4 (released 03/03/16)

  • Added ability to set background image based on post category
  • Added option to only run for selected categories
  • Fixed bug that caused spaces not to wrap when using extra before/after text
  • Simplified plugin’s settings page

2.3 (released 02/27/16)

  • Added option to add a border around the text
  • Added option to have font selected randomly from installed fonts

2.2 (released 01/02/16)

  • Added option to disable auto image generation for posts by default
  • Fixed bug that could have resulted in blank file names
  • Fixed bug that caused errors when upgrading from LITE version
  • Option that sets first image as the featured image now works with external images as well

2.1 (released 12/19/15)

  • Added option to only allow admins to generate images
  • Added option that gives users ability to select which WordPress hook(s) will generate the featured images
  • Added option to use first image in a post as the background for the featured image
  • Added option to simply set the first attached image in a post as the featured image
  • Added a check box on the edit post screen that allows you to keep the plugin from generating a featured image for that post
  • Fixed bug that generated images when a post was moved to the trash
  • Other bug fixes

2.0 (released 10/20/15)

  • Added option to select desired post types for plugin to create images for
  • Added option to set maximum number of characters to write to the image when using post content as the text to write
  • Improved bulk process tool to be more efficient
  • Bug fixes

1.9 (released 05/07/15)

  • Added option to use the publish date or a custom field as the text to write to the image
  • Added options to add additional characters before or after the text to be written
  • Added option to transform the text to be written (uppercase, lowercase, or capitalize)
  • Added options to position the text on the image in various ways
  • Fixed a bug pertaining to setting a background color
  • Fixed a bug pertaining to some generated images not being set as the featured image

1.8 (released 04/16/15)

  • Changed the way the plugin references paths to be more secure and more versatile
  • Deactivates the free version (if it’s installed) upon activation
  • Greatly improved the Flickr background feature. Still experimental, but should produce favorable results
  • Completely rewrote the code for how text is added to the image, making it faster and more accurately placed on the image
  • Changed how images are named (will primarily help non-english blogs to avoid ‘—–.jpg’ type file names)
  • Added checkbox to bulk process tab which allows you to process just one batch of posts/photos (helpful if you want to do a test run)
  • Added ability to delete fonts and background images
  • Added an option to overwrite an existing image when uploading a background image of the same name
  • Bug fixes

1.7 (released 03/20/15)

  • Adds option to turn writing text to images off
  • Adds experimental Flickr image search
  • Generates an image when saving a post via ‘quick edit’
  • Bug fixes

1.6 (released 02/27/15)

  • Adds option to select background image at random from either all images or a category of images
  • Adds option to set a refresh delay for the bulk image generator

1.5 (released 02/23/15)

  • Assures that future updates will not delete uploaded fonts and images
  • Adds caption, description, and alt texts to the media gallery for the generated images for better SEO capabilities

1.4 (released 02/18/15)

  • Adds the ability to upload your own fonts
  • Adds the ability to upload your own background images

1.3 (released 02/11/15)

  • Adds a setting to adjust quality of images

1.2 (released 02/08/15)

  • Fixes bulk featured image generator
  • Implements an update checker for future update notifications

1.1 (released 02/06/15)

  • Adds bulk featured image generator
  • Bug fixes

1.0 (released 01/15/15)

  • First version

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